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Client Information – Specialist Rehabilitation Occupational Therapy

What is SROT?

Specialist Rehabilitation Occupational Therapy is a useful and practical process to help you get back to or as close as possible to how you were before your injury/illness. We assess what skills have been lost and what skills you still have to enable you to enhance your wellbeing during and after this process. The overall goal of our intervention is the help you feel as productive and useful as possible in your daily life while you are recovering.

What can you expect from us?

You are in safe hands, we will provide you with your own dedicated clinical specialist in occupational therapy. We will ensure that you are at the centre of your recovery process and help you to design your own clear activity based goals as part of your rehabilitation programme. Your specialist occupational therapist will provide you with clear and open feedback about your progress, which they measure against clinical evidence, to give you guidance on how you are progressing on your rehab journey to maximise your recovery.

Your role in your own recovery?

We need you to be honest about what you want from this process, because you and your thoughts and feelings are the most important part of your recovery. So if we make suggestions that do not sit right with you, or you simply don’t understand what is being asked – tell us. There may be times when you feel that some things being asked of you are beyond your capability at the time, or just not in line with what you want, so it’s really important you tell us and we will work with you and around any obstacles that arise. If you do not feel that things are progressing with your Occupational Therapist or if you have any other concerns, you are able to contact the Long Arm Mentor allocated to your case. They are likely to ring you periodically as well so you will know who they are.

The best rehabilitation tool is consistency, so to maximise your recovery we need you to be fully committed and engaged in your rehabilitation programme.

What are our goals?

We are aiming for you to take over our job and be able to do it for yourself, this means you will take back control of your life and keep it!

To achieve this we work with you to agree both short and long term achievable goals, and give you a road map to get there.

When setting your goals we use clinical evidence to inform us of what is achievable and possible, in line with your current health status. Some examples of our clients long term goals are; being independent at home, playing with the kids again, getting back to work, driving again, returning to education, playing their favourite sport again.

To help you get to your long term goals, your rehabilitation occupational therapist will work with you to break the goals down into smaller more manageable chunks. This process not only helps you achieve your goals but teaches you the skills to effectively manage your illness or injury for your future.