E-cigarettes ‘help thousands successfully quit smoking’

“The rise in popularity of e-cigarettes in the UK may have resulted in more successful attempts to quit smoking,” BBC News reports.


A UK study looking at survey data from England over the past 10 years showed the proportion of successful quit attempts rose in line with the number of smokers using e-cigarettes. But the number of quit attempts does not seem to be linked to e-cigarette use, and has actually fallen in recent years.


The study, which involved interviews with 170,490 people, can’t prove e-cigarettes directly caused the increase in people’s successful attempts to quit smoking. But it does show how trends like e-cigarette use – as well as other factors like the use of other smoking cessation aids, public health campaigns and changes in smoking regulation – may affect smoking rates at a population level.


While research into the safety of e-cigarettes is still ongoing, there’s little doubt using these devices is much less harmful than continuing to smoke tobacco. If you want to stop smoking, evidence shows the best way to do so is to get support, such as counselling, available through NHS stop smoking services. Other options that can help you quit smoking include nicotine patches, gum and inhalers, as well as medication like varenicline. Story courtesy of the NHS