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Our Approach

During times of injury and illness we are all at risk of becoming passive and vulnerable to suggestion and opinion. It is often called the ‘white coat syndrome’. We have all experienced this approach, coming away from a consultation not feeling like we have got our point across. As medical professionals we are aware that we are ‘medicalising’ problems and creating dependency on services. Our approach focuses on the injured person and their abilities.

Since working in the private sector and providing clinical specialist input for many people with serious or catastrophic injuries, we observed that traditional approaches ran that same risk. It is useful for someone to provide a level of organisation and support that will allow a person to have their needs met and aid them to get better, but we felt it would be more productive to enable the injured person to do it for themselves.

The benefits of this approach are vast; health and wellbeing are directly affected by stress and as humans we feel most stressed when we feel out of control. Having someone organise our lives after an injury compounds that feeling of lack of control and therefore affects our potential to recover. When someone else is organising therapy, care and treatment, it is difficult to feed back the success of that treatment and there is a very real potential that the focus of the treatment is not the persons priority which in turn limits their enthusiasm to participate.

While providing Specialist Rehabilitation Occupational Therapy we can either work with existing Case Managers or take on the start of the Case Management role as part of our therapy for the duration of our input, within our fixed fee. We encourage the injured person to take control, to guide treatment and to wholeheartedly participate in the therapy process to ensure a successful outcome.  Moreover, we utilise the Case Management opportunity to address communication skills, motor function, cognitive function and even fatigue management.

Our intervention starts with a telephone triage assessment (included in the cost of the initial assessment), completed by a clinical professional who will be able to support the individual immediately on contact, whilst the initial assessment is being arranged. This service also ensures that we provide a case manager with the right clinical skills, knowledge and experience in the client’s locality.

Client Information

Specialist Rehabilitation Occupational Therapy is a useful process that helps an injured person get back to or as close as possible to how they were before their injury/illness. We assess what skills have been lost and what skills they still have, to enable them to enhance their wellbeing during and after this process. The overall goal of our intervention is to help the client feel as productive and useful as possible in their daily life while they are recovering.

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