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Think Therapy 1st provides several occupational therapy high-quality interventions which have been shown to be exceptionally useful for people experiencing severe and catastrophic injuries. These interventions are based on occupational therapy models which allow the person to improve their health and wellbeing by participating in meaningful activities.

Initial Needs Assessment
An in-depth and clinically robust assessment outlining the changes in function since the index event and a time-based plan of how to effectively treat these changes.

Specialist Rehabilitation Occupational Therapy
Bespoke 1:1 occupational therapy input which places the injured person at the core of the treatment with the goal to enable the injured person to reclaim their life and manage their own case.

Functional Management

Functional Impact Assessment
A comprehensive holistic assessment which examines the impact on function of the abnormal symptoms and how to enable the injured person to manage their function

Functional Management with pain
A systematic education and experiential 12 -session programme delivered in the persons own home and environments of importance with the goal to enable the injured person to continue to do what is important to them, despite the pain.

Functional Management with Fatigue
A 12-session programme enabling the injured person to function within the confines of their fatigue and develop a long-term management plan.

Functional Management with Anxiety
A 12-session programme facilitating a detailed analysis of the causes and behavior created by the anxiety within the context of everyday function.

Dealing with Anxiety and Fatigue
An 18-session programme focusing on practical management approaches to enable an injured person to function within the parameters of the symptoms affecting their daily life.

Functional Restoration

Return to Activity Assessment
Clinically robust assessment which identifies the skills and impairments of the injured person in relation to the activity they wish to return to.

Getting back into work/education
A 12-session programme which enables the injured to effectively plan, organize and execute a return to their previous work role.

Getting back into leisure 
A 12-session programme which combines education and practical support to ensure that the injured balances activities to maintain health and wellbeing.

Getting back into productivity 
When returning to work or education is not suitable but the need to be productive is equally important, for example maintaining the home or garden. This 12-session programme allows this to happen.

Specialist Episodic Intervention

Building an effective care plan
A highly specialist intervention ensuring costly complex care plans are established and delivered correctly the first time, ultimately saving time, money and needless distress.

Environmental Change Intervention
Strong clinical support to direct to essential changes in an injured person’s environment be it, major adaptations, moving property or transferring to a care facility.


Functional Approach to Vocation

A 4-phase functional approach to retraining and returning to the job market, this adaptable programme can be used in its entirety or in any combination of phases that would suit the injured person.

This intervention is dependent on access to other services but can typically take between 3 – 18 months to complete.

Phase 1
Functional skill and vocational capacity assessment, a longitudinal assessment process which allows the injured person to fully experience what they can and can’t do.

Phase 2
Work hardening phase, the use of daily activities routines and local community services to enable the injured person to build physical and mental strength to join a workforce.

Phase 3
Retraining phase, practical support to enable the injured person to receive suitable retraining via community and statutory services to enable skill acquisition.

Phase 4
Graded return to work, practical support for the injured person to return to the workforce, this is provided at home and within the workplace to ensure and maintain success.

Further Details
This is to provide a quick easy guide to the services we provide. More in-depth guides on each service are available on request.

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